Coffee and _________

I’ve been noticing a growing trend in ‘coffee and ________’.

What I mean is that the pure coffee bar, in recent years, was the height of cool. Retailing other things (especially food) alongside coffee was often seen as a compromise.

But no longer! We are entering a new age of ‘coffee and ________’.

I’ve been in San Francisco for the past week, and have been pleasantly surprised by the offerings at many of the hippest new cafes:

  • coffee and toast at The Mill
  • coffee and waffles at Linea
  • coffee and vegan stuff at Timeless

Is this business model of ‘coffee and things that taste good with coffee’ totally new? Well, not at all. But it’s cool again.
And generates more revenue than just selling coffee. And I got waffles at Linea 4 times in only 7 days, so there’s that too.



About barnwolf

head barista for pavement coffeehouse and erc boston
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