Boston TNT strikes again

Another excellent Boston TNT – this time on my home turf at Pavement Coffeehouse. The place got craaaaazy packed:


All of everyone’s fav baristas were there:


I had a lovely time a’chattin’ and a’drinkin’ with my fellow baristas. It was awesome to see the kids who made it up from Providence, particularly friend from NERBC Josh Littlefield who I had a chance to engage in cortado-battle!

From there on, I cortado’d my way to the final round against Dylan Evans who whooped the damn pants off me in one hell of an unforgettable whooping’ round.


Dylan’s pour is in the foreground there, mine in the background. There are better pictures on the twitterwebs of that last round, if you’re interested.

So congrats Dylan on a night of awesome pours. Thanks Boston TNT and Pete Cannon for awesome organizational skills, la Marzocco for beerz, and everyone who came out to make it such a super awesome time! Boston coffee people are rockin’ it!


About barnwolf

head barista for pavement coffeehouse and erc boston
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