cappuccino? More like NERBC recap…puccino


Despite going to watch the NERBC last year, preparing with a really great trainer (thanks Soeder Pop), working on a 6 night a week training schedule with the best ever training partner (Daria!), feeling very comfortable with the rules of competition, and seeing soooooo many competition videos from this year and years past, I stilllll managed to have no idea what I was getting myself into. The competition was so strong, I could not be more proud of all competitors for the amount of time they put into preparing for this thing.

Awesome job fellow Boston friends/competitors Calen of Voltage and Jonathan of Render. Y’all did awesome! Ryan Soeder did some awesome coffee brewing and then some funny tiny-broomed sweeping:


Neither Daria nor I made finals, but we did have the best time ever. We met so many cool people from all over the Northeast. Trips to Philly, Providence and New York to visit our new friends’ shops are totally in the works. This is what our NERBC Saturday morning coffee experience looked like, so we can’t wait to have some cafe crawl trips real soon:


Counter Culture’s New York team was so supportive and just generally dope, and getting to see Katie take it down in the solidest of finals performances was definitely a highlight (congratulations Katie). Congratulations to everyone who made finals, and especially Brian of Ultimo (me and Daria’s new favorite person) and Sam “Hopper-Swapper” Lewontin who is as fun to watch in competition as he is to talk to about The West Wing over beers.

Brady Guinn, our favorite BFF forever of Pavement, proved himself a coffee brewing badass by taking second place in the brewers cup. Here he is being a total badass:


But most of all, congratulations to Daria for the unreasonable amount of Sprudge coverage she received! Here’s her pre-competition interview:


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