Journey to NERBC

Daria and I are finally on our way to New York for the NorthEast Regional Barista Competition. We decided to splurge on train tickets and cab fare (too much to carry by T / Chinatown bus).

Daria instagrammed this picture of me packing:


We also learned that a tip for a redcap at the train station will get you onto your train before everyone else.

Also trains are awesome. It’s the only mode of transportation where I always wish the trip was longer. I usually just grab a beer and settle in to do some writing. I’m a little worn out, so I’m writing sans beer, but I digress.

NERBC! Daria and I are competing on Saturday. I’m scheduled at 12:41 and she’s scheduled at 4:10. Things are likely to be running a little behind schedule, but those might be good times to start watching if y’all want to catch us on the live interwebs feed at

Also repping Pavement Coffeehouse, but in the brewers cup with some lovely brewed coffee, is that one badass dude Brady Guinn.

Also from Boston in the barista competition will be two really legit friends of ours with whom we’ve been practicing: Calen of Voltage and Jonathan of Render.1

Calen also put together this super sweet event at Voltage for all of us to do public runthrus with judges2


Also, Ryan Soeder, OUR COMPETITION TRAINER AND BFF FOR LIFE FROM COUNTER CULTURE BOSTON CRU, will be competing in the brewers cup with some crazy aeropress technique – y’all don’t even know.

Ryan judging hard as Daria does some stuff:


Getting ready for this has been such an awesome experience. Seeing so many people at the event at Voltage was so encouraging. I just cant get over how awesome the Boston coffee community is right now. I think the Boston competitors are really strong this year. Represent.


  1. two of my fav baristas at two of my fav shops.
  2. judge Molly Soeder of Slayer foreground, Calen making delicious coffee in the background. I didn’t catch all judges before they left to thank them, so the biggest thank you ever to Molly, Ben and Jaime of barismo, Lucy of Voltage, Dylan Evans of Fixe, Jake and Ryan of Counter Culture, and also all the other Voltage people and others who helped out with dishes etc. Calen, you’re the best ever.

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