Boston TNT action at render

So Chuck of Render won the Boston TNT again, which means no one else has ever won. I feel about as good as I could about being taking out in the first round considering it was against reigning champ / ex-boss / dear friend Chuck.

Highlight of the night: Girlfriend Daria v. Twitter friend turned real life acquaintance Benjamin Pratt. I was conflicted over who to be supporting in this matchup.

Here Ben is in a later round, probably being really kind to others as per usual.


Ben placed second.

Also fun was being in the same small cafe in which the TNT was happening (render!), but watching it all go down on a laptop.


So congrats Chuck and Render again! I don’t have a good picture of Chuck from tonight, but here’s an awesome thing he won:

Time to go practice with Daria for nerbc until 4am again. Goodnight TNT Boston – goodnight.


About barnwolf

head barista for pavement coffeehouse and erc boston
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2 Responses to Boston TNT action at render

  1. Mark Hundley says:

    Great talking to you last night! Good luck next week!

    • barnwolf says:

      Thanks Mark, glad you made to our lil ol’ Boston TNT. Will you be at nerbc? If not maybe I’ll catch you at a providence event sometime soon.


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